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       ¿what is chi nei tsang?


Curso Online automasaje Chi Nei Tsang por Sarina Stone



We are delighted to offer you Sarina Stone's Online Abdominal massage course, designed to energize and detoxify the body.


Benefits of Chi Nei Tsang are for the self and may be shared with ease. This course shows both self massage and techniques to be performed on others.


People who practice abdominal massage experience:


Weight loss,

Improved digestion,

Less bloating/water retention,

Improved mental clarity,

Less low back pain,

Detoxification and energizing of major organs,

Improved sexual function,

Self awareness and ability to calm the nerves at will,

And much more…





We have created a 6-part program that encourages you to easily learn the necessary steps to safely massage, detoxify and energize one of the most basic areas of the body for optimal health; your belly.  This is perfect continued education for massage therapists as very few practitioners’ have the knowledge to effectively work this area of the body.  


It includes:


6 affordable video's with lesson's that build on each other

No time limit

Lecture and hands-on techniques 

Liver, lung, kidney, pancreas, and digestive techniques

Necessary Qigong (energy work, meditation) practice to enhance results 

Learn The Constipation Cure techniques

And much more!


Our intention is to give you a high-quality education that allows you to earn at your own pace.


How it works:


1) Order and receive the link to download your lesson or view streaming video.  


2) You may take as long as you wish to do the lessons (no expiry)


3) Videos may be viewed as often as desired


Lesson Topics:


Lesson 1


Breathing Diagnosis Preparation

Chi Nei Tsang Theory

Spine Explanation

Spinal Exercise

Heart Inner Smile Practice and Posture

Abdominal Breathing Technique and Demonstration

Diagnosis Through Navel Examination, Theory and Demonstration

Cat Paws Technique

Skin Detoxification Explanation and Exercise


Lesson 2


Spine Exercise

Lung Inner Smile Theory, Practice and Posture

Advanced Breathing Technique

Opening of the 9 Wind Gates Theory, Demonstration and Practice


Lesson 3


Spine Exercise

Liver Inner Smile Practice Theory, Posture and Demonstration

Liver Detoxification and Energy Technique Theory, Demonstration and Practice

Proper Chi Nei Tsang Body Mechanics


Lesson 4


Spine Exercise

Kidney Inner Smile Practice Theory and Posture

Large Intestine Technique Theory

The Wave Technique and Practice

The Creative and Destructive Elemental Cycles


Lesson 5


Spine Exercise

Spleen and Pancreas Inner Smile Theory, Practice and Posture

Opening and Clearing the Solar Plexus Technique, Demonstration and Practice 


Lesson 6


Spine Exercise

The Triple Warmer or Sixth Healing Sound

The Inner Smile and Sixth Healing Sound Practice and Demonstration

The Inner Smile Meditation as a Healing Technique

The importance of Meditation




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